Exciting additions are coming to “Ark: Survival Evolved.” Wildcard Studio recently announced that cute and adorable Otters will be introduced to the upcoming game along with Tek items. The game developer also released today the PlayStation 4 patch that contains several bug fixes and several technical changes to the game.


On Steam, the game developer announced the upcoming addition to “Ark: Survival Evolved.” Players will soon meet the new Dino Dossier that will accompany them in their journey. Commonly known as Otter, the upcoming game addition is a friendly omnivore of the species of Lutra Peloso.

The Otter is described as skillful in foraging and hunting and inhabits several inland waterways of the Island.

The Lutra Peloso is a particular species described as small and cunning with long bodies, hairy tails, and webbed feet. Its preferred food is fish. They are very trusting yet very inquisitive by nature. Most of the time, this species is tracked for their fur. However, most tame them because they are good and trusted companions.

Among the interesting qualities of the Lutra Peloso includes providing companionship to the player. During travels, they prefer to rest on the back rather than walking beside the player. When tamed, the Luta Peloso can be trained to harvest fish and even find black pearls inside the fish.

Tek items

The arrival of the Lutra Peloso in the game will also introduce new Tek Items. Among this includes the Tek Sword equipped with Clash-Charge attack and armor-piercing ability. A new Tek Shield will also arrive, which has the capability of reflecting incoming bullets and projectiles. It can also deal damage. Moreover, players will also see the new Tek Light.

This can be picked up or attached to any surface. It is self-powered through the elemental shards and can also be connected to generators.

PlayStation 4 Update

Aside from the announcement of new Tek items and Lutra Peloso, Studio Wildcard also released today the latest patch for PlayStation 4. The latest update rolled out fixes to the game.

Among this includes addressing the issue of the random crackling of the game’s audio. The patch also fixed the Artifact Achievement, which players were not able to unlock in the past.

Moreover, it also fixed the Ascension crash commonly linked to the split screen. It also resolved the issue on Dropped Item cache or Death Caches. The PS4 update also places the player and team’s dead bodies on the save on reload. Also, the transfer between ARKs in single player will put the players now in the correct tribe.

Ark: Survival Evolved” is scheduled to release on August 29. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.