Blizzard released the newest animated short for “Overwatch” titled Rise and Shine. It features the origin of Mei, the all-time favorite defense hero who is a Climatologist by profession. Like the rest of the animated shorts released for the game, there are various references and Easter eggs that can be found in this latest trailer. Here is a rundown of the things that fans might have missed from the latest animated short.

References and Easter eggs

The term Ecopoint is found in various places and in many scenes in the video. The term refers to the Elimination map revealed during the 2016 Blizzcon.

Ecopoint is one of the core Deathmatch style levels in the game. At mark 1:34, Mei arises from her 9-year cryo-slumber. She is shown wearing a shirt with the Summer Games logo on it. The outfit came from a special spray released in the game’s Anniversary Event dubbed as Pajamas.

In addition, at mark 2:44 in the animated short, the game’s in-game Climatologist opens the file in the massive computer. Numerous headlines popped up. While most are talking about the disbanding of the “Overwatch” team, one of the papers shows the King’s Row Null Sector riots. This is another event that was launched during the game’s Anniversary Event in June called Escalation. On the front page is a robot that appears like a Nulltrooper.

Aside from this, there is also a photo of a couple of Omnics and a human set in what appears like a talk show. One of them looks like the Omnic Monk Mondatta who is also the leader of the Shambali. He was shown wearing the same garb he wore during his time in King’s Row. However, the costume now is Yellow instead of Gray. Moreover, the Omnic seems to have a golden jaw, exactly similar to that of Mondatta.

In the game’s Alive Animated Short, Widowmaker killed Mondatta in King’s Row.

Other details

There are other references in the newest animated short. Among this includes Winston’s message at the end of the video. Winston appears to be calling on other members of the team to stand up, join him, and make a difference. The scene happens in the Recall animated short after Reaper attacked Winston’s facility.

In other words, Mei’s story happened after the major events but earlier than Mondatta’s assassination.

The Rise and Shine Animated Short is available below. With the references and Easter eggs mentioned above, you can view the latest trailer for “Overwatch” in a whole new different perspective.