The latest Escort Map of “Overwatch” has triggered Jeff Kaplan to offer his apologies to Australia. The map has been recently revealed in the Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany. On August 23, Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter will release a new animated short.

Junkertown Escort Map

A new Escort Map was revealed by Blizzard on August 21 at the Gamescom. The map dubbed as Junkertown is set in the Australian Outback. Several fans were able to get their hands on the game’s latest Escort map and got the chance to get a closer look at the finer details of the map.

There is one particular part of the map that has led game director Jeff Kaplan to apologize to the entire country of Australia.


On Reddit, a user by the name RagingWinston has pointed out a small error that it has found on the game’s latest map. The Redditor said that on Junkertown, after the first checkpoint, there is a store that offers Take-Out food. The term is the common word used by the Americans. However, in Australia, where the map is set, the more appropriate term should be Take Away. The user admitted that the act was more nitpicking and it is not really a big deal. However, RagingWinston also shared that it might cause disappointments among Australian as it may give them an impression that the game developer lacks attention to details.

The post earned so far, 1,320 comments and 86 percent upvotes, and as it built up, Game Director Jeff Kaplan offered an apology to the entire country of Australia. Kaplan asked fans to forgive the team’s cultural insensitivity. A correction on the Language Error will be released in an upcoming patch. However, the sign travesty will have to wait for a longer time before it will finally get fixed.

The fans have interesting responses about the game director’s apology. The recent language error is not, however, a first from Blizzard. In the past, the kanji on Hanzo’s Anniversary skin were also incorrect. The hero’s animated feature also included the erroneous Japanese language.

On the other hand, Kaplan’s apology sends a message that Blizzard is serious in correcting its errors and in respecting the cultural differences of each place.

While at some point this could be overlooked, the feedback from the community is a great help in pointing out this kind of errors. It is also interesting to note that Kaplan has mentioned the team’s interest in creating an “Overwatch” character in the game and map for every region in the world.