Despite enjoying positive reception from gamers all around the world and excellent sales, “Final Fantasy 15” is the last full game release for Prince Noctis and friends. In an interview with Polygon, game director Hajime Tabata said that publisher Square Enix would rather keep fans interested in the epic role-playing game in smaller ways.

Square Enix intends to keep fan interest

According to Tabata, a full sequel will not do well for “Final Fantasy XV,” because it will leave fans without anything new, considering developing and designing a full game takes years of hard work.

"The negative of that is there's a very large open period where you're not releasing anything," Tabata said. "In that period, you get people to move away, and their attachment to the franchise dissipates a little bit."

Square Enix has resorted to rolling out smaller expansions, such as “Monster of the Deep” VR experience, wherein players head out on a fishing trip with Noctis et al. The publisher also has worked on episodes expanding on the stories of side characters; it's also developing the “Comrades Expansion,” which adds multiplayer to the game.

“Comrades” is a cooperative multiplayer expansion for “Final Fantasy 15,” which until now had been single-player-only. Players create a character of their own to take online and partner with other players to explore the world and complete quests.

As of writing, it still has no release date.

FF15 won't require 170GB on PC

Recently announced by publisher Square Enix, the PC version for FF15 will include all the content available in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles’ season pass, as well as additional single-player campaigns featuring the cast’s supporting characters.

While fans took the announcement positively, many players began to criticize the 170GB needed to install the title. Luckily, it won’t be the case, Tabata said so in a chat with Kotaku.

"The final specs for the release version haven't been fixed yet. There's a very good chance they can change, the game director told Kotaku. "Someone put that in there and it got reported as the recommended specs, but that's not the final fixed version.

The fact that it became that number is a communication [error]."

Final Fantasy XV’s” reputation as one of the greatest RPGs available is still sky-high, and already, the game is slowly invading each and every platform there is. A “Pocket Edition” for the game is up for release. The cuted-up FFXV retelling lets players explore the world of Eos with the characters through ten different episodes. The mobile version will arrive this fall for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.