Bethesda will release some good stuff before the year's end. The VR versions of Bethesda's big three Games were announced this year. Release dates were also confirmed. There were good news and bad news for the fans, and we will relay it in this article.

Bethesda VR games and their release dates

Titles that are getting VR versions this year are "Doom," "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," and "Fallout 4." Mark your calendars because "Doom VR" is available on December 1 for HTC Vibe and PlayStation VR. "Skyrim VR" is available exclusively on PlayStation VR on November 17.

And last but not the least, "Fallout 4 VR" is available exclusively for HTC Vibe and will be launched on December 12.

Platform exclusivity

I know you are excited but there is bad news for you if you're an Oculus Rift user. The titles with Virtual Reality versions will only be available for HTC Vibe and PlayStation VR. Ars Technica stated that the possibility of the three games landing on another platform is quite slim.

More bad news

If you own an older version of the titles (the non-VR version, specifically), there will be no free upgrades that will be available for you. It is such a bummer for the owners of the previous games, especially for creative modders. You might want to save up for the occasion as the games would be costly.

You still have three months before their release.

"Fallout 4 VR" will cost $60, but Bethesda hasn't confirmed yet if all the expansion packs will be already available in the game. "Skyrim VR" is confirmed to contain all the RPG expansion packs for the price tag of $60. "Doom VR" is a slimmed down version of the 2016 reboot at the price of $30.

Preview from E3

Sam Machkovech was lucky to have an opportunity to test the "Doom VR" last E3. According to Machkovech, who played the game for ten minutes, the game has flaws that are expected to be fixed in the launch. It casts a shadow on how other Bethesda games such as "Skyrim VR" and "Fallout 4 VR" will perform.

The controls for movements are superb.

The design lets you walk, run and dash easily for the kill.The Glory Kill, a feature which enables a melee-type attack to gloriously rip the enemy to shreds is also available in the VR version and executing it is very easy.

One of the easily noticeable flaws of the demo is the cluttered UI. Machkovech pointed out that there is no toggle for the "run" option to free one finger from pressing the run option to do other things.