Summer Games 2017 launched yesterday and it comes with a whole new set of content for us to unlock over the next 3 weeks. All these goodies have some secrets and easter eggs that we might not see right away. Test your knowledge by answering these 5 questions and see how well you know "Overwatch"! Even better, share this with your friends and see who is better!

Here are five questions specifically crafted for you guys themed for Summer Games 2017. Let’s see how well you fare with them! Summer Games has only been around for about two days, so it’s understandable you may not have picked up these small details yet!

Just like our previous Quiz, we will go with a questions first, answers after format so we don’t get spoiled by the answer as we go.

Let the Games Begin!

  • Soldier:76 received a new skin called Grillmaster:76. What kind of item is Grillmaster:76’s biotic field and what is the brand name found on it?
  • What’s Lifeguard McCree’s gun called now as it is no longer called the Peacekeeper?
  • Which hero received a famous meme voice line made famous by hockey goalie Ilya Bryzgalov?
  • Where can we find 0118 999 881 999 119 7253, and what does it reference?
  • Excluding the recently revealed Doomfist, which hero has not received any new event legendary skins since last year’s Summer Games Event?

How well do you think you did? Verify your answers!

Grillmaster:76 got a brand new biotic field in the form of a beer or soft drink can!

The brand is a Diet Heal Up, a wink to 7-Up we would assume. Additionally, Grillmaster:76 has a voice line when he deploys his biotic soda can that is completely unique to that skin! He would say “Get over here and drink up!” or we might catch him saying “Get refreshed” sometimes too. Needless to say, Blizzard put in a lot of little details for this skin.

McCree’s Peacekeeper is no more! That’s right, Lifeguard McCree’s gun is no longer called Peacekeeper. Its new name is engraved on the side of the barrel of his weapon and it’s called Desert Seagull! Is it a reference to a pro player turned streamer with the same name? Is it a reference to a desert eagle? Could it be both? Only Blizzard will know.

On a related note, Grillmaster:76’s gun is called a “salt rifle”, a great way to make people salty. (pun intended)

For those who didn’t know, Ilya Bryzgalov is a Russian ice hockey goalie and he’s been the subject of a meme where he’s said “It’s only a game, why do you have to be mad?” during an interview. You probably have guessed right, "Overwatch’s" Russian tank is the one with this brand new line. It’s actually really fitting because this is the second voice line from Zarya that she references the game. The first one being “In Russia, game plays you.”

Now what is this cryptic number: 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 and what does it mean? The eagle eyed readers would know that this series of numbers is found on Grillmaster:76’s biotic field as a barcode.

Where have we seen this number before? If you are a fan of The IT Crowd TV show, you’d recognize this number instantly because it was used in a spoof commercial for emergency services on the show! Now sing along with me: 0118 999 881 999 119 7253.

Finally our last question is about which hero has not received a new legendary skin since last year’s Summer Games. Up until yesterday, if you said Reaper, you would be right. However, he just got a brand spanking new Biker skin, so he’s not the one we’re looking for! Sombra also got her first event legendary skin ever! We’re talking about Ana! Pharah’s mother is the unfortunate soul who has yet to be blessed by Jeff’s skins designers. Ever since she was released last year, she’s gotten a few epic skins, but absolutely no legendary skins! Ana mains, we feel you, and we hope you’ll get a nice one soon. In the meantime, go scare everyone with the Ghoul skin!