The arrival of Summer Games 2017 in ”Overwatch” was warmly welcomed by fans. In fact, a few minutes after the event was officially launched, there were 40,000 players waiting to get access to the summer event. While several fans are enjoying the event, there are those who were busy digging and were able to discover the secrets concealed in the latest event’s skins.

Latest discoveries

Blizzard has produced some of the best game skins with remarkable attention to details and surprises that have impressed players. Interestingly, this new set of skins released for the Summer Games 2017 has huge in-game alterations when equipped.

Numerous heroes have new voice lines that are initiated when new skins are equipped. Most of these skins are hilarious, and fans are really enjoying.


Among the skins that caused changes to the game heroes includes Lifeguard McCree. The skin transforms its Peacekeeper to the Desert Seagull. He is equipped with a lanyard around his neck with a text, High Tide, written on it. In addition, his BAMF belt now reads SAMF. Moreover, during his High Noon ultimate a beach ball is now rolling instead of tumbleweed.

Soldier 76

Joining Lifeguard McCree is Grillmaster 76 skin. With this new skin on, the vigilante hero is now sporting sock and sandals. His weapon is now equipped with a canister with the text, A Salt Rifle on it.

76’s healing stations are now soda cans, which can feature an IT Crowd reference on its barcode. Aside from those, he also got a new set of voice lines. He is also wearing an apron with text written, Raise the Steaks. His new skin gives him a fatherly look.

Other heroes

Aside from those, several players have also discovered new voice lines for heroes like Zarya, Junkrat, and Sombra.

Meanwhile, the leaked skin image for Mercy released ahead of the event's official launch, is accurate. In the latest summer event, the heroine is sporting the Winged Victory Skin. There is also another skin available for the heroine called Mercy's Eidgenossin.

Players who would like to have these cool skins for their heroes could purchase it along with the Classic skins from last year’s summer event.

The cosmetic items for the Summer Games 2017 skins cost 3,000 credits for Legendary Skins. The Epic cost 750, Rare tier cost 225, and Common tier cost 75 credits. The returning Classic skins from last year cost 1,000 for Legendary skins, 250 for Epic, 75 for Rare tier, and 25 credits for Common tier.

Fans are right now enjoying the Lucioball, which was released alongside the Summer Games 2017. “Overwatch” players can now take advantage of this event-exclusive brawl as players can now earn CP through the game that they can use to purchase golden guns.