The “OverwatchSummer Games is finally making its return, and it’s only a few days away. Here, players will be able to buy old skins, emotes, victory poses and the like while also having the option to unlock 40+ new cosmetic items. Similarly, Lucioball will also be returning to the arcade brawl but with an added twist. To unlock all of the new stuff, you’ll have to make the most out of the three-week event. If you’re a new player and a little overwhelmed by everything, here are a few tips to maximizing the “Overwatch” event.

Play the arcade

Unlike last year, the new arcade system rewards players for winning matches.

There is a system wherein you will get a free loot box after every three wins. This stacks up three times, meaning you can get three free loot boxes if you win nine arcade matches. This system refreshes every week so you can get up to 9 free loot boxes if you stay dedicated to the arcade. Moreover, events usually also include a one-time free loot box for winning the new arcade mode. Don’t be afraid to try out Lucioball once it’s available.

Team up with friends

“Overwatch” alone is fun enough, but it’s way better to play with your friends. You guys get to communicate, and the teamwork just flows out better than playing with random strangers online. Similarly, it’s also advised that you play with others during events to maximize the EXP gain after battles.

If you play in a group, the both of you are entitled to the +20% XP gain which can help you both level up faster and unlock those loot boxes!

Say you would normally only get 200 XP upon a normal victory, you’d gain 240 XP if you play with a friend. It’s a win-win situation for you both, so go and play! If you don’t have any friends in the game, hit that group up button during the end of the matches to pair up with the team you played with.

Play and win

While the game rewards everyone regardless if they win or lose, a victory nets you with more XP. Play “Overwatch” properly by fulfilling your role and helping out your team, and you’ll earn an additional 500 XP. Moreover, you’ll even earn an additional 1500 XP if it’s your first win for the day. If you play well enough, sometimes you’ll be rewarded with medals depending on your performance.

Try and earn gold medals as this will net you with an additional 150 XP after matches.

The best thing here is just to have the dedication and keep playing the game if you want to unlock loot boxes. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the “Overwatch” summer games when it launches on August 8.