Last night 'Overwatch" received a large patch across all platforms. This includes PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Many players registered for the PTR probably noticed this update downloading in the background. 'Overwatch' most likely did this to save time before the official release.

We also knew the update was huge due to its download size of 4.18 gigabytes. Most of the update includes bug fixes that affect heroes and other miscellaneous items. 'Overwatch's' community manager Josh Engen recently described the updates in the Blizzard forum.

The general fixes are included below :

  • "Fixed a bug that prevented the party leader from entering the Training Menu"
  • "Fixed a bug that occasionally caused crashes when players were attempting to purchase loot boxes"

Additionally, there are a couple bug fixes that correct heroes. For example, the patch fixes bugs that cause Doomfist's skin to appear incorrectly. It also fixes a bug that occasionally prevented Reinhardt's charge from pushing back opposing players. It will be interesting to see how the patch affects heroes and other components of the game.

Unfortunately hours after the update, we are already seeing players experience issues on the PTR. Players have taken to Reddit to express their bizarre experiences.

Reinhardt Issues

One player expressed his frustration as Reinhardt became stuck in a glitch. Luckily, his game was close to ending so he could wait it out. The Redditor by the name of moca_moca recently shared a video of Reinhardt charging his Soldier 76. Except for this time, the charge went through a wall. Instead of being killed, Reinhardt actually passed through the wall and was stuck there.

This glitch occurred during competitive play and is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Problems with hero stacking

It's not recent news that Blizzard disabled hero stacking aside from No Limits. To preserve balance and quality of game play, players could not pick the same hero twice. Quite recently another player discovered a major glitch.

During a game of Capture the Flag, he witnessed two of his teammates jump off a cliff simultaneously. When they respawned, they were the same player. This has huge consequences for "Overwatch" because it offers a huge advantage.

While this example comes from only one player, others have claimed the same issue. One "Overwatch" player by the name of Netizen JukeSweg stated the glitch was applicable for 1-5 players. The glitches may seem awesome, but I don't want to deal with a stacked opposing team. Hopefully, Blizzard can figure out these bugs out quickly.