The highly-anticipated shooter game,“Destiny 2,” will debut next month on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and on October 24 for PC, according to GameRant. While Bungie is finishing making the final touches to the game before its release, information regarding the Rockstar Energy Drink promotion has surfaced online. In addition, the game will have a clans feature that rewards collaboration amongst players.

‘Destiny 2’ partners with Rockstar Energy Drinks for promotional

On September 1, Rockstar Energy Drinks will contain promotional codes on their cans that “Destiny 2” players can use to redeem for game-related gear and prizes, according to the Rockstar official website.

Some of these prizes are quite impressive, including PlayStation 4 Pro consoles and the Collector’s Editions for “Destiny 2.”

Furthermore, GameRant reports that there are three classes of cans, and Rockstar is patterning with Husqvarna Motorcycles. Players have the chance at winning either Warlock, Hunter, or Titan-inspired motorcycles through the promotion.

‘Destiny 2’ will have a clans feature to promote collaborative play

Another feature that the upcoming “Destiny 2” will feature is “clans,” where players work together to complete certain objectives. The game system incentivizes players to collaborate with each other through a reward system.

According to Community Manager David Dague who spoke to GameRant, “You’ll find that being a member of a clan is extremely beneficial.

Every member of your clan will earn rewards as you do things and the more you do things the more they will be rewarded.”

However, it isn’t clear yet what those rewards will be, but players will be rewarded for teamwork. This feature wasn’t as thoroughly developed in the first iteration of the game, “Destiny 1,” but developers are hoping that the rewards system in “Destiny 2” will promote teamwork and collaboration between players.

The upcoming game features a “Milestones” tab that helps players keep tabs of their activity in order for them to keep track of meeting their objectives. These milestones will certainly be challenging for players to accomplish on their own, but some of them require collaboration with other gamers.

There are numerous developments being announced as the “Destiny 2” release approaches in September, and Bungie is staying busy getting the last bits of the game ready. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates.