Mark your calendars for the event of the summer as "Overwatch" reintroduces the Summer Games. The event will run from August 8 to August 29. This gives plenty of time to whoop the competition and check out the new features. Summer Games event was one of the favorite events for players and it's exciting that it's coming back.

"Overwatch" created this great video that provides an update on everything new this year :

Loot box items

Thankfully, "Overwatch" will be providing some new skins as well as the 2016 ones. Last year's skins will be offered at a lower price as they will no longer cost 3,000 in-game credits.

Take a look at the prices for both the 2017 and 2016 season :

2017 Cosmetic Items

  • Legendary skins - 3,000 credits
  • Epic skins - 750 credits
  • Rare skins - 225 credits
  • Common skins - 75 credits

2016 Cosmetic Items

  • Legendary skins - 1,000 credits
  • Epic skins - 250 credits
  • Rare skins - 75 credits
  • Common skins - 25 credits

Introducing the new 'Lucioball' map

The new Lucioball map is set between Sydney and 2016's Rio Stadiums. The match's will alternative between both. Additionally, Lucio received several new updates to his abilities. The list of changes are posted below:

  • Lucio's ultimate ability doesn't pull the ball towards the player, but now increases Lucio's speed including the speed of his "boop."
  • You can no longer "boop" enemies
  • There is now a second competitive mode for Lucioball, which allows players to place and rank.

With the help of data mining, players have confirmed that over 40 new cosmetic items will enter the Summer Games.

Now that's what I call a solid update! Data miners predict that most of the items are smaller cosmetics. This means more sprays and player icons rather than new skins. Don't be dismayed, there are talks that there could be Summer Game specific skins. We will just have to wait and see.

The one issue I see with this year's games is the inability to "boop." This might prove frustrating to returning players who have become accustomed to it.

This is an effort to keep the game slightly more fair than last year. For those not familiar, players used "booping" to bump members of the opposite team. This led to many weaker goals.

There are many aspects of this year's Summer Games to be hopeful for. Pay close attention to the Super Lucio this year. Players will definitely take advantage of this new ability to crush the competition. Players will now boop the ball farther and jump at insane heights. So start stretching and mentally psyching yourself out!

Do what you have to do, because next week will be a bloodbath.