One of the latest “Overwatch” maps, Château Guillard, has arrived on PTR. With that being said, the latest arcade mode known as Deathmatch is also live on the test servers for players to try. The Map itself is pretty small, but it’s perfect for all those close-quarter shoot-outs throughout the match. You never know which enemy might be waiting for you right around the corner, so it’s always best to be prepared. Here are a few tips to help you navigate Château Guillard in Deathmatch mode

Don’t jump off the map

While the Château Guillard “Overwatch” map has plenty of open spaces, it might be tempting to just fall off the map when you find yourself cornered, according to Red Bull.

However, try to make it a habit to die fighting instead of jumping outside the map's borders. If you decide to jump, you’ll actually get a deduction from your overall score. Remember that the winner has to score 20 points first, so you’ll want to be saving as many points as you can. The next time you think about taking a plunge, remember it’s better to respawn after a brutal beating rather than losing points.

Use the jump pads at your own risk

Jump pads aren’t anything new in “Overwatch” as we’ve gotten them in Lucioball and Oasis. These nifty pads are great for moving around the field and getting to the high ground. People often use these for positioning themselves around the field or when they need to change locations.

The jump pads also have the same effect in Château Guillard so expect that you’ll be an easy target if your enemies catch you jumping into the sky. You’ll want to be staying under cover for the most part, so just be careful if you plan on exposing yourself with the jump pads. There are plenty of other ways to get around the map.

Symmetra slays

Usually, every hero has their own map where they perform best. Pharah’s great on Route 66, while Lucio and Ana do really well in control points. As for the Deathmatch map, Symmetra takes the cake because of the mansion’s small spaces and tight hallways. This Support hero can set up her turrets and catch unsuspecting players off guard and even finish off fleeing enemies.

It’s also a great idea to have other “eyes” around the battlefield, so you can spread out your sentries and know if a player has activated or destroyed them. The only problem with Symmetra is that you’ll have to get fairly close to your enemy if you want to fry them with your gun. It’s best to stay in the shadows and wait for your prey.