Blizzard Entertainment rolled out a new patch to its team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter, “Overwatch.” The game’s latest patch comes along with the new promised content, such as the Deathmatch modes as well as the latest Chateau Gaillard map.

The video game developer made it known that both the Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All Deathmatch modes are now live in the video game's Arcade, according to Rolling Stones. The Team Deathmatch mode is a 6 against 6 “Overwatch” players with the first to 30 kills wins, though the Mercy resurrections of this mode will take a score away from the opposing team.

Meanwhile, the Free-for-All Deathmatch mode will pit seven gamers against each other, with the first 20 kills will be the winner.

Chateau Gaillard map

Blizzard Entertainment modified the “Overwatch” maps to accommodate the new game modes. The game developer ditched the payloads and the capture points. However, the new Widowmaker-focused map, dubbed as the Chateau Gaillard, has been added. In the lore of the “Overwatch” video game, this is the place where character Amelie LaCroix resided before she was transformed into a Widowmaker.

The latest “Overwatch” patch also features the balance changes to the game’s demolitionist, Junkrat. This particular hero is a common picked in the video game’s lower-skilled quick play matches.

Junkrat is even considered as the competitive mode’s troll pick. However, the patch now allows the character to use his mine and ultimate ability twice. Junkrat’s Riptyre now moves rapidly than before. Meanwhile, the patch also buffed Orisa and the international criminal, Roadhog.

However, Tech Crunch pointed out that it appears that the most used “Overwatch” characters in the new Deathmatch modes are Roadhog, McCree, Soldier:76 and Hanzo.

Out of the game’s 25 characters, most are worthless in the latest modes.

Game’s report system

Meanwhile, game director, Jeff Kaplan, commented on the game’s forum post that the report system needs improvement. The game director added that improving the reporting and punishment system in the video game is one of the company’s prime focuses.

Nonetheless, Kotaku reported that the new “Overwatch” patch now allows a player to report a console player about as easy as reporting a gamer on PC.

The reporting system in the console is the video game developer’s latest move in its battle against gamers with bad behavior. The studio’s first phase of the steps is to suspend more accounts. Also, Blizzard Entertainment will launch an email notification system that informs players when other players they have reported has action taken against them.