Exciting changes and additions are coming to “Overwatch” with Patch 1.15. Among these includes the new Escort Map, called Junkertown. There are also changes coming to several heroes including Mercy and D.Va to name a few. Here is a rundown of the things to expect from the upcoming patch.

Hero changes

Several changes will be made on some of its heroes. Among them includes Reinhardt Barrier Field. Players can now rotate the camera while and the shield is active.


Aside from Reinhardt, D.Va will receive massive changes in Patch 1.15. According to the game’s principal designer Geoff Goodman, the mecha-tank will get a huge rework.

The changes are so far, at the primary stage of development but some will most likely hit the PTR. Among these includes changes to her Defense Matrix. Its energy drain is now doubled, which means that her effective uptime is reduced to 50 percent. For her Boosters, players can now use Fusion Cannons while flying. Moreover, she now has a new ability called Micro Missiles.

This newest ability enables the hero to launch a torrent of small missiles that explode upon impact. It creates damages in small radius where the explosion occurs. The micro missiles can be used along with D.Va’s other abilities like Fusion Cannons. This new ability will make the hero less of a defensive tank and increases her effectiveness while moving offensively.


Another hero set to receive changes with Patch 1.15 is Mercy. Game director Jeff Kaplan previously discussed the changes in the recently released Developer’s Update. Among the changes currently in the works for the hero includes resurrecting her former abilities. Her Ability now targets a single player. Before, her ability hit every player that is covered within the radius.

Her Ability cooldown is 30 seconds while its range is decreased to 5 meters.

Aside from those, Mercy no longer has invulnerability if the Resurrect is active. Her new Ultimate ability dubbed as Valkyrie now releases the full power of the Valkyrie Suit, thus enhancing her abilities and weapons for 20 seconds. As for her Caduceus Staff, its healing and damage boost beams now cover all allies proximate to the targeted team mate.

Also, the effective range of the Staff is now extended. Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster now grants infinite ammo while concurrently increasing fire rate and damage. Moreover, Guardian Angel now has increased movement speed and range.


Junkertown is new Escort map announced during the Gamescom 2017 will also be available with Patch 1.15. The map is set in a post-apocalyptic Australian Outback and will involve the “Mad Max” themed Junkers and their Queen. More information about this new map will soon be revealed. So far, from the latest "Overwatch" trailer, we know that players will have to escort a payload full of cash and explosives and bring it to a place near the Queen.