Overwatch” Healer Mercy has recently received the promised rework on the game’s PTR. Blizard has equipped her with a new game-changing Ultimate ability called Valkyrie. Aside from her ability to heal, the mythology-goddess-looking hero can now fly.


Blizzard released today a Developer Update and discussed the latest changes coming to “Overwatch.” Among this includes a massive rework on the game’s Healer—Mercy. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, they are changing the hero because they discovered a weird behavior that is being encouraged by her kit.

According to Kaplan, the team realized that when her Resurrect is up, players using Mercy, most of the time stop healing and hide in the corner. As this happens, the players tend to let their team mates die on the point or the payload.

The game director thinks that the behavior is wrong and that they think her Resurrect is something that they need to address. With the recent changes, Mercy’s Resurrect will no longer be her Ultimate. It will rather be a new secondary ability. Her Resurrect is now a single-target only with a 30-second cooldown. According to Kaplan, now, it will be strategic on who and when to Resurrect.


Blizzard now gives Mercy a new Ultimate ability called Valkyrie. The game’s healer can now fly without any booster.

When this is activated, everything about the hero gets better too. This includes her beams having further distances and chain to numerous targets. In addition, Mercy can Guardian Angel much further than before. She can also cause much more damages from her gun.

Kaplan believes that with the latest changes to the hero, she will be a lot more engaging to play with.

He added that Mercy would be a character played second to none. Right now, the changes are in the game’s Public Test Realm. Most likely it will stay there longer. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a little bit longer to experience these latest changes with Mercy.

Other changes

Aside from Mercy, D. Va will also receive changes.

She is also live now in the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. Players will now the chance to try her latest ability called Micro Missiles. This enables her to fire a torrent of small missiles that blast on impact. Her Defense Matrix is also tweaked. Its energy drain is now doubled, which means that her uptime is decreased to 50 percent. D.Va’s Fusion Cannon can now be used while flying. Meanwhile, you can check out below the Developer Update.