Overwatch” hero Mercy has always been a mixed bag in the game as many people considered her to be a bad hero. On the other hand, there are other players who considered her to be too overpowered because of her resurrection ability. Blizzard has been listening to all the fan feedback and they’ve finally released a new developer update. Like with Symmetra, Mercy has just gotten a rework that changes her ultimate ability for something else.

Active Mercy

“Overwatch” director Jeff Kaplan explains a bunch of new details in the latest developer update.

Instead of new modes and maps, he highlights the upcoming characters changes for both Mercy and D.Va. The Support character has always been tricky to balance as many people have grown accustomed to her hide and rez strategy. However, Blizzard has completely removed this play style from her and is enforcing something a bit more active.

Firstly, her ultimate ability no longer resurrects people. That skill is now her second ability as she can rez people on a lengthy cooldown. Moreover, she can now only bring one ally back from death, so no more 4-5 man resurrections. In exchange for this, her new ultimate ability called “Valkyrie” gives her an extra power boost. Not only can she heal/damage boost multiple targets, she can use her Guardian Angel further while her Rez cooldown has been shortened to 10 seconds.

The best thing about her new ability is that she can fly around the field with infinite ammo.

Nerfed already?

However, it seems like these new changes might have made her a bit too powerful. This new kit completely changes the way she plays and has even made her a better fighter. Valkyrie not only gives her infinite ammo but also boosts her damage and fire rate.

Combine this with her Ana’s nano boost and you’ve got yourself a flying harbinger of death who can take out a good amount of enemies on her own.

According to Dot Esports, “Overwatch” principal designer Geoff Goodman has addressed these powerful abilities and they plan on toning her down. He claimed that the main purpose of her ultimate ability is to have some “extra juice” during critical situations.

However, it feels a bit too strong at the moment as she’s pretty overpowered. They still haven't explained what they plan on tweaking, but there’s a chance that it’ll hit the PTR soon. Those who want to try her out can download the “Overwatch” PTR build on the PC. Similarly, the previously announced D.Va changes are also live.