A new Update from game publisher Warner Bros. and developer NetherRealm Studios was released recently for “Injustice 2.” This new update fixed a lot of issues for the popular fighting video game with some slight changes.

Stability, improvements to AI and more

The August update for “Injustice 2” has fixed a lot of its problems and mostly it was general gameplay fixes that plagued it before. There are way too many of the fixes, so some of the important highlights of the fixes will be mentioned here.

The latest update made a lot of general stability improvements to make the game a lot better to play.

There were also a lot of fixes for the move list to make it easier for players to pull off several moves of their characters. This time around, the AI logic has been improved to make it more challenging to fight and more interesting to play.

The Roll Escape move that makes characters invulnerable to attacks will now act as if they missed them instead of a block. There will be no more rolls activated with the Flip Stance button when characters are knocked down. The roll will also not activate anymore by pressing both the Medium and Heavy attacks when the character is knocked down.

Specific character changes now enabled in all modes

Several characters in “Injustice 2” had some of their disabled movesets enabled again for all modes.

These characters are Atrocitus, Bane, Black Adam, Brainiac, Captain Cold, and Superman. Atrocitus gets an additional damage added after the Napalm Vomit is used in a combo and another is Superman’s Air Heat Vision that follows up from a Rising Grab will now become a hard knockdown.

Fixes for certain stages

The game developers also made some fixes to specific stages for some bugs that keep popping out during matches.

For instance, the Batcave has its rare issue fixed where the players could use the chain swing interaction to go outside the boundaries of the stage. In the Brainiac Ship stage, the drone interaction will now respawn after four seconds.

The Red Sun Prison also had a change where the drone summon interaction cooldown is now four seconds from the two seconds.

Another is the Metropolis stage where a bug was fixed that could cause the camera to move away from the fighters when the interaction of the valve was used.

Fixes for characters implemented

The August update for “Injustice 2” also implemented a lot of fixes for numerous characters in it. One of the fixes was Aquaman’s Trident Rush and Trident Rush MeterBurn has now less damage for each hit. The bug that caused the Boss Darkseid Supermove to get destroyed by the use of interactables was also fixed.

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