Blizzard is making massive improvements to the heroes of “Overwatch.” Soon, fans will see improvements on Junkrat as the hero is set to get a buff in the next game update. Among the major changes that fans would soon see in the Australian hero is his Concussion mine.

Latest changes

In the game’s forum, “Overwatch” Principal Designer Geoff Goodman revealed that several adjustments for Junkrat would be released in the Public Test Realm of the game. The latest changes will be available right after the live release of the 25th hero, Doomfist.

According to Goodman, they are currently working on two charges of the Concussion Mine of the Australian hero in the game’s internal build.

With this, players can do many things including launching into a fight and still have a charge to use for escape. It is also possible to launch the hero to Pharah and still have a charge to use for killing her. Moreover, the principal designer said that Pharah’s knockback move can now be executed in the game. However, players have to plant one Concussion Mine on the ground and wait until its cooldown expires before this strategy could be used. In the next build, players can also do triple jump anytime it is needed.

These several changes will buff the Australian hero’s mobility and survivability giving him the ability to engage and retreat at the same time. When the patch rolls out, Junkrat’s Concussion Mine will deal 120 damage and will cause knock back for opponents and for the hero himself giving him a flexible ability.

The game developer is also looking into improving the hero’s ultimate (RIP-Tire) more powerful. Blizzard is currently working on a possible increase in tire’s movement’s speed and health. While both will not be rolled out in the game at the same time, either of the planned change will make the hero’s ultimate a little bit more reliable.

Among the game’s heroes, Junkrat is not usually picked. However, if the changes roll out, this will most likely change.

Other details

Today is the schedule of the live release of the game’s most hyped hero, Doomfist. The release will also include skins, voice lines, emotes, and other cosmetics. Meanwhile, Roadhog will also be getting buffs soon.

While the release of the changes for the plump hero is not yet announced, fans are hoping that these changes would be released soon. These series of good news revealed by Blizzard gives fans the assurance that their complaints are heard and that the game developer is working hard to improve “Overwatch.”