More details about the return of the brawl-exclusive mode, Lucioball in “Overwatch” have surfaced online. It appears that fans have been hard at work recently datamining and collecting details about the much-awaited brawl. The latest information provides more proofs that the brawl is indeed happening.

Latest datamine

On Reddit, a dataminer with the username Yernemm revealed his latest finds about the much awaited Summer Games 2017 along with the Lucioball brawl exclusive event. The Redditor discovered several strings that reveal the upcoming event in the game.

One of these says Back to the Beach. According to the Redditor, this could mean that the upcoming “Overwatch” summer event could possibly be beach themed and cosmetics would also be designed in this concept. Aside from this, the dataminer also shared that there are more than 40 new cosmetics that will be released along with the summer event. The previous cosmetics that were available last year, which were themed after the Olympics will also be available this year so those who missed it.

A couple more strings refer to the Lucioball. One says, Score Goals, Make Saves, and Bring Your Group to Victory. The other strings simply state Soccer Save. There is no further information about these strings.

However, fans were quick to speculate that this could be pointing on the Lucioball brawl mode.

Release date

The Redditor also found several strings giving out dates. Many presumed that this could be the launch of the Summer Games in the game. The string gave out dates between August 2 and 23. While some are saying that these could be the release date, it is also possible that these were left over details from the last year’s event.

Other details

Earlier, another dataminer shared his latest finds on Reddit. A user by the name Ekultron revealed that there were achievements found in the game’s latest update, also known as Patch 1.13 that could be referring to the return of Lucioball. These were found on the new achievements of the Xbox One version of the game.

Most players believed these achievements to be new as no one in the community has earned those yet. The Lucioball and the Summer Games 2017 are believed to be coming to the game alongside Doomfist. The latest achievements found on Xbox One appear to confirm this.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to the changes that Patch 1.14 will bring to “Overwatch.” The file is expected to be massive while Blizzard has not yet revealed its contents. If the latest datamines are true, Lucioball and Summer Games 2017 could be released in the game anytime this week.