Just as when everyone thought that it would not happen, Game maker Blizzard recently dished out some great news to their "Overwatch" fandom as the company announced the arrival of the much-awaited and highly-suggested game mode – the "Deathmatch."

It's finally here

"Overwatch" Game Director Jeff Kaplan posted a developer update announcing the new game mode. In his video, he stated that there will be a couple of death matches – the single player free for all and the Team Deathmatch. The "Overwatch" single player Deathmatch will be consist of eight players where the first one to score 20 points is declared the winner of the match.

Points are earned when a gamer knocks out an opponent. However, points will also be deducted if they accidentally kill off their own hero during the match.

The same thing goes with Team Deathmatch where a team of six players will have a shoot-fest against another team and the first to get 30 points wins the match. There's a bit of a catch though, for this new game mode. If an "Overwatch" hero gets resurrected before they get respawned, the point gained by the opposing team through that character's death will be deducted from that team. That being said, it is advisable to have Mercy around for this type of gameplay.

Widowmaker's crib

Kaplan also pointed out that they've made some tweaks with a handful of "Overwatch" maps to make them suitable for these Deathmatch plays.

Moreover, he revealed that they added a new map to further accommodate the upcoming game modes as it is dubbed as the Chateau Guillard. The name is very familiar as this is Amelie Guillard's (Widowmaker) family residence in France. The game director went on to say that the new '"Overwatch" map is rigged with massive open areas, jump pads and corridors," not to mention the hints of Widowmaker's past.

Alongside this big announcement are other updates which include hero buffs. Some notable characters include Widowmaker whose Grappling Hook's cooldown was reduced to eight seconds. Her other move - Venom Mine - also got buffed as affected opponents are now visible even behind thick walls. Junkrat, on the other hand, can now hold a couple of mines for his Concussion Mine attack.

Also, his RIP Tire move no longer has a time limit when used during wall runs plus there is a 30 percent speed increase. Fans might want to check "Overwatch's" website for a complete roster of these hero balances. Check out a video about the game here: