The Summer Games 2017 event of “Overwatch” video game comes along with a bunch of goodies as well as new event-exclusive skins. The event also brings in the gameplay mode, Lúcioball. The 3v3 competition features a new map.

As reported by Engadget, “Overwatch” players who are looking to earn achievements from Lúcioball 3v3 map, the mode is a ladder version of the event map with skill level brackets, leaderboards and placement tiers. The main attraction of the “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 event is the skins. The game’s latest event brings in the beach-themed skins that debut with Soldier: 76.

The archetypal soldier hero dresses down to a grill apron, sandals, and a beach shirt.

With “Overwatch” gamers making a return for the Summer Games 2017, these players will have a chance to gather the event’s sports-themed skins. Players who are looking to complete their collection will be able to utilize the in-game currency to purchase the missing pieces before the Summer Games 2017 event will be concluded on August 28.

Lucioball patch

However, players are complaining that Lucioball currently has a bug. The seasonal game mode was joined by a new mode dubbed as the Copa Lucioball. But, due to a bug, “Overwatch” players have been unable to access the mode together. Express reported that game director Jeff Kaplan stated that a patch will roll out as part of an imminent Xbox One and PlayStation 4 update.

Deathmatch mode

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment made it known that the Deathmatch modes are coming to the online first-person shooter video game. The Deathmatch modes are now available in the Public Test Region (PTR). The upcoming “Overwatch” update will come along with two new kills-only modes, the Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch.

Forbes reported that the Team Deathmatch will maintain the title’s six-on-six setup, while the Deathmatch is limited to eight players.

The “Overwatch” game director stated that the studio initially didn’t think the mode was right for the “Overwatch” game, for the reason that the studio’s focus is on Quick Play and Competitive team modes.

However, the Arcade has opened up their ability to launch new game modes.

The new modes will also be playable on several existing maps. The Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes will exist in the game’s Arcade. After the video game company conducts testing on the PTR, the new update’s final version will be available on all platforms.