The aerial Rocket Punch of seismic-slamming hero Doomfist may have received another nerf. An "Overwatch” player discovered the recent change in the hero in the game’s Public Test Realm. Recently, Blizzard released the patch notes for the heroes’ balance changes in the game’s PTR and this does not include Doomfist.

Latest nerf

On Reddit, a user named Dragnseeker revealed that Doomfist might have received another nerf. According to the Redditor, the hero’s aerial Rocket Punch speed and distance have been affected by the latest tweak.

The Reddit user observed that Doomfist now travels about 15 meters in the air as opposed to his 20-meter ground distance travel.

The Redditor added that the latest nerf has been discovered while playing 1v1 with a friend. Dragnseeker noted that he was unable to land aerial Rocket Fists. Interestingly, the latest change experienced by the Redditor is not included in the latest patch notes released by the game developer. You can check out the video posted by Dragnseeker to show the nerf.

Rocket Punch

A few days ago, I reported that Doomfist’s Rocket Punch has been nerfed, which has drawn varying reactions from the community. The previous change includes the hitbox of the hero’s Rocket Punch. This means that this time, players need to be more accurate in aiming to be able to land their attacks.

That nerf will somehow bring the unbelievably powerful and flexible ability down a bit.


On August 24, Blizzard released the patch notes for the changes contained in the Patch 1.15. The patch is currently on the game’s Public Test Realm. It listed the massive changes for heroines Mercy and D.Va. Interestingly, the game developer did not include the change on Doomfist, which was reported by the Redditor.

So far, the game developer has not acknowledged the change on the Nigerian hero. Some fans are speculating that the change Dragnseeker has encountered could be just a bug. Several players claim in the comments of the post that the distance traveled by the hero is not consistent with the speed of his punch.

It is possible that Blizzard is really working on the hero’s abilities.

Since Doomfist was officially released on the live servers of the game, many players raised complaints about him being too strong and nearly impossible to beat. If the latest change is indeed a nerf, most likely, Blizzard is doing something to adjust the most hyped “Overwatch” hero.