The Legendary creatures were released first in a “Pokemon GO” real-world event in Chicago’s Grant Park. Supposedly, players were to battle these pocket monsters in raids. But due to the issues experienced, Niantic decided to release them to the attendees’ accounts.

Despite what happened, “Pokemon GO” continues to earn success. This is thanks to the Legendary creatures, as they gave players a whole new reason to play the game. So far, here are all the special beasts released in a nutshell.

Lugia and Articuno

According to ComicBook, Lugia and Articuno are the first two Legendary creatures released in the mobile game.

Lugia, in particular, quickly became a fan-favorite. After all, it pioneered the special beasts. It started appearing atop of gyms, which are to be battled by players. Despite the lackluster event, the community’s reception of the Legendary pocket monsters was amazing. They quickly shared their experiences on various social media sites. But for players who did not attend the event, the road to catching Lugia was not easy.

The same can be discussed about Articuno in “Pokemon GO.” Along with Lugia, Articuno was offered to “Pokemon GO Fest” attendees without any restriction. However, players from around the world waited for two days before the two special beasts became available. Articuno, though, was quite difficult to catch.

Team Mystic’s official mascot proved to be an extremely powerful Pokemon. Unfortunately, though, the two are no longer available in the game. They were removed just a week before the arrival of a new Legendary Pokemon: Moltres.

Moltres in ‘Pokemon GO’

The Legendary creature is the third to be released by Niantic. It is the second of three Legendary birds the studio promised to bring, with Articuno being the first one.

The fiery creature is also powerful, giving players a hard time defeating it. While some were successful, others were simply defeated. Interestingly, the hunt for Moltres is far from over. It will continue to appear for the next few days or so. But like the aforementioned Legendary pocket monsters, Moltres will soon be removed.

Niantic does this every time a new beast arrives.

Currently, everyone is enjoying the Legendary raids in “Pokemon GO.” Players are teaming up with other players to join raids and defeat bosses. Well, they must, as the rewards are very promising. There are some connectivity issues, but Niantic is making sure that they get fixed right away. Basically, players reported that whenever they participate a raid, the game crashes. They are lucky enough if they can still join the ongoing raid, but in some cases, the crash completely restarts the game.