Many were really hyped after data miners suggested that Lucioball would be re-introduced in “Overwatch.” This is basically through the titular Summer Games event, which was first launched last year. Interestingly, Blizzard just confirmed the event, and the said Arcade mode.

The only catch, however, is that Lucioball will offer competitive points in “Overwatch.” According to PVP Live, with this, players will no longer have any excuse to play the mode anymore. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Competitive points in Lucioball

First and foremost, Blizzard revealed that the Arcade mode would arrive with new features.

But perhaps the most interesting one is the competitive version of it. Players will be playing this mode’s version according to their respective rankings similar to Competitive Play. The upcoming Lucioball will offer not only experience points but also Competitive points. The latter can be used by players to buy the Golden version of their character’s weapons.

The studio made the announcement via the official Twitter page of “Overwatch.” A fan asked if players can also receive Competitive points in Competitive Lucioball. It is worth noting that the mode will be different from last year’s version. It went tons of substantial tweaks and improvements just to make it unique and different. In fact, as promised by Blizzard, there will be a new competitive queue and secondary map.

What the arcade mode offers

Lucioball will be played on a different map. “Overwatch” players will be introduced a Sydney-inspired map, giving the soccer-themed mode a boost. There will be mechanical changes, too.

For instance, the studio removed the ability to boob goalies out of the way. This was actually made after the feedback the company received from the community.

Moreover, Lucio’s ultimate in the arcade mode will also be changed. Instead of players bringing the ball to them, using the ultimate will result to a more improved Lucio.

Basically, his movement speed is increased along with his boop speed. This should give players more maneuvering capabilities as they break past their opponents.

Lucioball and Summer Games event are all expected to arrive in “Overwatch” come August 8. It will run until August 29 only; therefore, players need to ready themselves and participate. Blizzard promised tons of exciting stuff, including new skins designed specifically for the upcoming event.

Aside from the skins, a new set of cosmetic items (e.g. sprays, emoticons, etc.) will also be introduced. More importantly, the new hero Doomfist will be getting a Summer Games Legendary skin. All of these are worth looking forward to.