Several players are complaining about experiencing extra-long queue time after the launch of Summer Games 2017 in the game. The highly awaited summer event has a successful launch that it appears to have shattered the “Overwatch” servers to numerous players.

Latest issue

It appears that many fans have been waiting for the return of Summer Games 2017. This is evident in the latest complaint raised by several players experiencing getting caught in the long queue along with thousand other players. The game developer is aware of the issue and is currently on their toes working for an immediate fix.

The latest issue is experienced players across the game’s platform namely PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, it appears that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game are experiencing the most number of this complaint. Currently, Blizzard has not yet provided the timeline for the release of the fix. Fans are hoping that a solution could be rolled out soon.

Cause of long queue

The latest issue experienced by players where they are either stuck loading the game or when queuing for the Lucioball brawl is most likely due to the number of players who would like to get access to the game all at the same time.

Blizzard is currently advising players not to play competitive games when the fix is being rolled out since there is a great chance of players getting disconnected to the game. Moreover, they could lead to penalties.

The game developer assured fans that updates will be continuously posted via Blizzard Customer Service’s Twitter account.

The only thing that affected players could do is to watch and admire the latest skins brought by the event until the issue is resolved.

Summer Games 2017

Meanwhile, the summer event has finally returned to the game with the coolest skins for the game’s heroes. It is interesting to note that hours before the official launch of the Summer Games 2017, there were several leaks spoiling the details about the event.

Looking back at all the leaks and speculations that Blasting News has reported in the past, it appears that all the data-mined details about the summer event are accurate. Several fans are now entertaining the idea that since the latest event is a returning one, there is a great chance that other previous activities will also be launched in the game.

If this is the case, then “Overwatch” fans could look forward to Halloween Terror on October, Winter Wonderland in December and New Year event on January. Summer Games started on August 8 and will run until August 28, 2017.