The Spectator Mode in “Overwatch” will soon get its much-needed improvements. With some users complaining that the game is very hard to spectate, the game developer is apparently working to address this issue.

Spectator Mode

The Spectator Mode of Blizzard’s fan-favorite first person shooter game has earned criticism from the community. On the game’s official community forum, a user by the name Nagrom complain about the “Overwatch” Spectator system. According to the user, while the pro scene was well-founded, it is difficult to say at a glance who was on which side.

The user added that there is a need for clear indicators as the game is a chaotic visual presentation when watched.

In the game, one of the confusing features is the in-game color-coded teams used for differentiation. When playing, the player is always while the opponents are always red. However, it is a different case when you are just watching. There are times that after the end of the game, the teams switch colors. In other words, the team that a while ago was playing under the red color could be playing under the blue color in the next game.

Since it is a fast-paced game, those who are watching usually complain of not being able to keep track of what is happening. Spectators have been raising their concerns about this in the past but have gotten little results.

In January, the game developer added a third-person health bar.

Blizzard’s response

Game Director Jeff Kaplan responded to the complaint raised by the user Nogrom on the game’s official forum. According to him, the team is currently working on better Coloring System for the Spectator Mode. He added that substantial efforts were made to address the issue.

The game director further said that they acknowledge that there are many areas for the mode that needs to be improved.

Aside from that, Kaplan said that so far, the results from the team’s internal coloring tests have been good. Furthermore, the game director said that they are working on a solution that would lift the experience of watching the game.

It is worth noting that Kaplan first mentioned about these tests in May.

Doomfist issues

Meanwhile, the fan-favorite hero in “Overwatch” has been receiving complaints recently. Several players find the rocket-punching hero overpowering. Doomfist is the most hyped hero of the game, and it was only on July 27 that he was released as a playable character in the game’s live server. So far, Blizzard has not yet responded to the complaints raised by several players against Doomfist.