The much-awaited return of Summer Games 2017 in “Overwatch” is scheduled for later today. However, new details about the summer event have already surfaced online ahead of the official launch of the game. This includes a new Nike Skin for Mercy.

Latest leak

On Reddit, a user by the name Breakshadow_L shared the latest details about the highly awaited summer event in “Overwatch.” According to the Redditor, an image found on the Chinese site Weibo revealed the schedule of the event, a new skin for Mercy and other interesting information. Weibo is the Chinese social media site that is similar to Twitter.

The Redditor added that the ad contains the text announcing the arrival of Doomfist as the new game hero.

Aside from that, on the right portion of the image is the schedule of the “Overwatch” Summer Games, which is described as a limited event. The schedule for the game is set to commence on August 9 and will last until August 29.The post uses the game’s built-in Chinese font and the entire image appears like an advertisement from NetEase.The image also shows Mercy in what appears to be a costume of a goddess. Other players call this the Nike skin, as it has a striking similarity to the goddess of victory. The image has now been taken down on Reddit.

Summer Games and skins

The Summer Games 2017 is scheduled to go live at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time or 6 PM British Standard Time, on August 8.

It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The event will last for three weeks and will end on August 29. The limited time event will bring a brand new set of skins. Previously, Game Director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the Summer Games 2016 skins will also be available this year and will be offered at a much lower price.

These new skins will also be available in the game’s loot boxes.

Players can purchase the Legendary Skins for 3,000 credits, Epic for 750, and Rare Tier for 225 credits. Meanwhile, the Common Tier skin can be had for 75 credits. For those who would like to get the 2016 skins, they will be available at discounted prices. The 2016 Legendary Skins can be purchased for 1,000 and Epic for 250 credits.

The Rare Tier can be purchased for 75 and Common Tier for 25 credits.


Aside from the Summer Games, the event-exclusive arcade brawl will also return alongside the launch of the summer event. This time, Blizzard has made the brawl more interesting by allowing participating players to earn CP. The CP's can be used to purchase Golden Guns in the game. Additionally, the Copa Lucioball in “Overwatch” this year will introduce the Sydney Map that players can explore.