"Overwatch" hero Doomfist has recently arrived on the live servers, and many fans are eager to try him out. Unlike the other characters in the game, this Talon operative mainly relies on physical strikes to attack his foes. He's a bit more complicated than most heroes, but there's a rewarding feeling that comes with being able to kill squishy heroes with one punch. Since Doomfist has a high skill cap, it will take some time to learn his overall play style and combos. With that being said, here are some basic tips to dominate "Overwatch" using Doonfist.

Plan your Rocket Punches

This hero's main attack lies with his alternate fire, the Rocket Punch. Doomfist can charge this up before rushing towards an enemy and dealing major damage. Moreover, squishier enemies will die on impact if they land on a wall. Despite its short four-second cooldown, he will be a bit powerless without his Rocket Punch. Keep in mind that you should plan when you send out your punches and charge it accordingly to deal a good amount of damage. Even if you don't manage to kill an enemy, you'll still leave them in a very weakened state which makes it easier for your teammates to finish them off.

Combo his skills

The Talon leader has two other skills called Seismic Slam and Rising Uppercut.

The former creates a shockwave on the group that pushes affected enemies towards him while the latter launches his opponent into the air. Since his kit relies on punches, you can actually chain them together to make some devastating combos.

For example, you can use Seismic Slam to draw an enemy in before blasting them away with Rocket Punch.

Similarly, you can use Rising Uppercut to launch an enemy into the air while using Seismic Slam against another group of enemies on the ground. Doomfist has a good amount of combo strings he can create so don't be afraid to experiment.

Get in there but don't break line of sight too often

"Overwatch" Doomfost was made as a frontline Offense hero who can cause plenty of damage while being able to survive thanks to his passive skill.

Every time he hits an enemy with an ability, the hero will gain a temporary shield that can stack and give him more health.

While this nifty skill extends his survivability, it isn't compensation for healing. If you feel like you're low on health or can't win a 1v1 fight, fall back and return to your healers or find a health pack. His shield decays after a short while, so make sure to keep that in mind during the fight.