"Overwatch" is all set for the upcoming Summer Games 2017 that'll bring back most of the previous content. Aside from the cosmetics, the popular arcade mode, Lucioball, will also be returning with a few new changes. While this gives new fans a chance to play the brawl, there are other game modes Blizzard could have come up with. Here are some summer-related activities that Blizzard could have implemented in the game.

Junkrat Water Balloon Fight

"Overwatch" hero Junkrat specializes in tossing bombs using his makeshift firearm. These bombs usually bounce and turn before finally hitting their target which makes them pretty deadly and unpredictable.

Although, you could also use the same concept for a water balloon fight for the Summer Games 2017. Replace his rickety gun with a plastic gun that lobs large water balloon instead of deadly explosives. The Junkrat Water Balloon Fight would take place in a small beach-like stage in a 3v3 fight. If a player gets splashed twice, he or she is out of the match. The team that has one or more Junkrats remaining gets one point. To win the game, you'll have to score 3 points.

Roadhog Chain Pool

The Tank hero Roadhog relies on dealing damage by reeling in his opponents with his hook. Blizzard could also use this concept to make a pulling-style pool party. Set on a large stage with a pool in the middle, two teams of Roadhog players will stand at both ends of the area.

Players will only have access to his hook ability which is used to pull the opposing Roadhog into the pool. Similar to the Water Balloon Fight, the team with one or more remaining Roadhogs will gain a point at the end of the round. To win the match, one team must earn 4 points.

Beach Volleyball

A staple activity during summer, it's a bit surprising that "Overwatch" hasn't made a similar game mode in the past.

To mix things up, only characters who have jump abilities can participate in "Overwatch" beach volleyball as that's how they'll pass the ball to the enemy team. Heroes like Pharah, Doomfist, Winston, and Mech D.Va would be the perfect contenders for beach volleyball set in a beautiful white-sand landscape. The objective would be the same as regular volleyball, but players will have to earn 5 points to win the match.

All of the said events could also have some sort of competitive mode just like with Lucioball. That way, players will be encouraged to take part in the festivities and earn special rewards. While Blizzard still hasn't incorporated any of these ideas in the game, one can still hope that they'll put them in the game soon.