Now that console gamers have tasted what it’s like to play “Destiny 2,” PC users can focus on their upcoming opportunity later this month. It has been reported that the version used for the open beta on home consoles was an older build with several bugs. It appears that PC gamers will get a chunkier piece of the pie when their turn comes up. While most of the content will be pretty much the same as the recent one on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PC gamers will allegedly get a surprise to make up for their long wait.

PC version of 'Destiny 2' Beta new content

According to GameRant, Bungie is prepared to offer something new for its PC crowd who patiently waited for their turn. Users will be able to try out a new Pvp map called Javelin-4. The newly revealed “Destiny 2” location will feature the Control game mode during the beta. Fans believe that it’s a brilliant move for the developer to showcase some new content to hype up the sci-fi shooter before its release a week after. Meanwhile, it has not been officially confirmed if the Endless Vale Control mode map will still be available or if it has been replaced by the new one.

A little bit of everything

Bungie also confirms that all relevant content from the console beta will be available for PC users.

The first story mission, Homecoming, is playable along with the Countdown PVP game mode on the Midtown map, Control PVP game mode on Javelin-4, and the Inverted Spire strike. Furthermore, the new beta will feature some changes from the console version. Bungie claims that these changes are not really that significant. In fact, they describe them as merely “subtle” improvements to the overall experience.

Nevertheless, these tweaks include more Power ammo spawns and a faster charge rate for Supers.

Player feedback from the console open beta

During the entire length of the “Destiny 2” beta on consoles, the majority of players criticized the very limited Power ammo drops during the PVE game modes. This was generally felt by everyone on the Inverted Spire strike, which felt a bit difficult due to the lack of firepower.

PC gamers participating in the beta will actually be helping Bungie stress test their backend systems. The newly-added platform presents an opportunity for the developers to deliver the best “Destiny” experience to the PC-gaming crowd. Therefore, they want to iron out the kinks that could possibly affect its gameplay. "Destiny 2" will hit retailers on September 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version comes out on October 24.