In “Overwatch,” it is important that players play their role responsibly. If they are supports, they should always be there to provide heal or boost. If they play DPS, they should make sure that their damages are hitting the opponents. The list goes on.

When it comes to tanking, however, it is not an easy task in “Overwatch.” After all, these heroes are to make sure that their allies do not get hit. When it comes to tanking, the most favorite one is none other Reinhardt. Below are some tips on how to use the charge expert efficiently.

Keep that shield up

Reinhardt’s best asset in the game is none other than his shield. It keeps him and the rest of the team alive. It absorbs damage, though it also has its limitations. But nonetheless, this is where Reinhardt becomes significant. He can create a window for other characters to attack while he covers for them. He also ensures that any heroes with low base health are well-covered.

So, as much as possible, keep that shield deployed. Unless of course if it breaks. Sometimes, players using Reinhardt in “Overwatch” easily get bored holding the shield. They think it is no fun when it gives the entire team a chance in winning. Do not be arrogant and help the team advance.

Do not just Charge

Charge is Reinhardt’s lethal skill here, as it guarantees a kill as long as the target gets pinned down. However, players often think that using the skill will make them invulnerable. They just charge straight into an enemy’s lair with no support or help. As a result, they get owned. When they do, their teammates are left with no defense and tank.

The key here is to use Charge wisely in “Overwatch.” Just wait for the right moment to utilize it. There is no need to hurry. Besides, patience is in the game can result in a positive outcome. Also, make sure that when you charge, you have the support to be able to retrieve. Or at least you have a way out if the skill fails to eliminate the target.

Earthshatter high valued characters

In the game, Reinhardt’s ultimate is called Earthshatter. He basically brings his hammer to the ground and creates a quick earthquake. Anyone who is within the AoE gets stunned. This subsequently gives the team a window to eliminate the targets. This is where players should be careful when using the ultimate. Basically, it is more advisable to use the ultimate against high-valued characters. Because once they are eliminated, the opposing team will find it hard to defend or attack.