In “Overwatch,” all characters play an important role in either attack or defense. But when it comes to providing massive amounts of damage, the DPS characters without a doubt top the list. It is just their duty and responsibility to do so.

When it comes to DPS heroes in “Overwatch,” one of the most picked is none other than Tracer. Her quickness and ability to go back in time are enough to make her a nightmare. Below are some interesting tips on how to become an efficient Tracer.

Target high-valued characters

It should be noted that Tracer is among the dive comp heroes.

This composition is basically about highly mobile heroes. They have the skill kit that allows them to move from one place to another with ease. Tracer, in particular, uses her Blink to move from point A to point B. This gives her an edge over characters with little to no mobility.

The key here to try to get near a high-value character like Mercy. Once successful, players must eliminate her. This will prevent the opponent from further attacking or defending, as they have just lost a character that can heal or boost them. This damage can even be greater if other high-valued characters are eliminated.

Keep damaging tank heroes

Sometimes, advancing a payload or capturing a point can be quite difficult when there are tanks.

They just have the ability to absorb damage, making it impossible for their opponents to move forward. This is where a DPS hero like Tracer comes to play. It is their role to provide damage and keep it as consistent as possible.

So, as much as possible, provide damage for your team in “Overwatch.” If Reinhardt deploys his shield, keep hitting it until it breaks.

Target other tank heroes, too, so their health decreases. This should help the team eliminate these characters in a much faster pace. If targeting high valued characters is impossible, focus all the firepower on the larger characters. This will also force the support characters of the opposing team to surface, making it easier to target them.

Synchronize ultimates

Tracer’s ultimate called Pulse Bomb is an AoE. It is able to damage multiple heroes all at once, but sometimes it can easily be rendered useless by the likes of D.Va and Genji. This is where synchronization of ultimates come into play. The idea is to hold on with the ultimate and wait for the allies to deploy theirs. For instance, Zarya can deploy her Graviton Surge force, and Tracer can follow. The effect is much greater, and the win rate is much higher.