Several “Pokemon Go” players have been complaining about difficulty organizing raids in rural areas. It appears that niantic labs will soon release a raid coordination mechanism in the popular augmented reality game to address this issue.

New raid mechanism

Speculations about the new Raid Mechanism coming to the game have been rampant recently in the community. The details about this upcoming feature are still unclear. However, based on comments on Reddit, and from the recent interview, it seems that Niantic Labs is currently developing this heavily-speculated feature.

Pokemon Go” Hub recently shared their interview with the senior project manager of Niantic Labs, Tatsuo Nomura. The project manager mentioned that they are aware of the recent coordination issue in the raids. He said that they some ideas now on how to address the issue and improve the experience of the players. However, at this point, the team is not yet ready to announce anything yet.

Previous comments

On Reddit, a user named NianticGeorge made a comment on the issue of raids in rural areas. The Redditor said that in time, players will soon see and feel that there will be parity between urban and rural players. NianticGeorge added that they are currently working on the issue on organizing raid teams in rural areas.

A day late, the Redditor reiterated its point and even directly referenced his previous comment. He reiterated that they are currently working on a new mechanism that will make it easier for players to gather for raid Battles. Fans are hoping that the next updates for the augmented reality game would contain clues on how the upcoming new system would work.

Some players are suggesting to have a calendar-like system where an activity or event is posted and players can choose to participate or not.

Legendary Birds

Meanwhile, Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are scheduled to exit the game on August 31, 2017. Players have few more days remaining to enjoy the mythical and powerful pocket monsters.

Fans are also expecting that after the departure of the Legendary Birds in the game, Niantic Labs will launch the Exclusive Raids.

This new type of raid particularly designed for the powerful Legendary monster Mewtwo. While there are issues about the difficulty in organizing raids in the game, players will appreciate this new type of raid as it will send advance notifications to players. The notification will be in a form of invitation that will contain the place and time of the Exclusive Raid. Fans are expecting that the raid will be launched in “Pokemon Go” on September 1, 2017.