Blizzard has been on the roll lately, releasing multiple updates in “Overwatch.” Well, this is not really a surprise, as the studio is known for its commitment to keep the game well-balanced. Interestingly, they have some interesting plans for Orisa.

According to PVP Live, the anchor tanks is expected to undergo some series of changes in “Overwatch.” The studio plans to provide improvements in order to make the hero more interesting than before. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Orisa to receive major buffs soon

Most players acknowledged the fact that Orisa has become extremely irrelevant in the game.

Although some of them loved using her, they were still having a hard time finding her significance in a team. Remember: not only does she lack damage output, her Fortify skill is not really doing enough work. Doomfist can even one-punch her even when the skill is activated. There is no doubt that Orisa’s popularity in the game is starting to diminish.

On the official forum site of the game, Jeff Kaplan responded to complaints and suggestions from various “Overwatch” players. First and foremost, Kaplan clarified that Orisa would not be getting a major buff. However, he assured the community that the character would be receiving a couple of improvements. “Apologies for no details – we’re trying a few things right now,” he said.

The game director further mentioned that so far, almost all of the improvements they tried did not work. He even said that the anchor tank is still not in the most “ideal spot.”

What can players expect?

It is really hard to guess what Kaplan and his team are working on right now. It could be a tweak in Orisa’s skill in “Overwatch” or a simple set of improvements for her.

Either way, these should at least give the character a little bump. One of the complaints players have about the hero is its inability to become a shield-tanking hero, a position that Reinhardt still does best. Players believe that Blizzard should give the hero some boost on her shield’s health base. They even suggested giving her an increase in movement speed when firing.

The problem with Orisa, however, according to some “Overwatch” enthusiasts, is her importance in the field. She barely works wonders with other heroes in the game, making her an isolated choice in hero-picking. Sure, she can absorb damage and all, but there are better tanks in the department. Perhaps Blizzard is correct in stating that Orisa is not far off. It is may be a case of players having a hard time understanding how she can synchronize with her team.