Several characters in the first-person competitive shooter game,Overwatch” get some big changes. These changes are now being tested in the PTR server before launching to the public.

Gamers posted their requests in the official Blizzard forums to ask for some new buffs to several characters. They wanted to make these particular characters are a match against others. One of the characters was Orisa — they want her to have a buff that would increase her damage. Roadhog will also get a special buff that will increase some of his stats, but these two are not the only ones who will change.

Junkrat gets more mines

Players who love to control Junkrat in the game will be happy to do so with the upcoming update. It will allow him to carry two Concussion Mines now. The RIP-Tire also has an increase of movement speed by 30 percent, and no more time limit when climbing walls. By increasing its speed, it allows him to detonate his ultimate ability quicker.

Orisa gets increase in abilities

Orisa has been overlooked by many gamers due to the release of the latest character for “Overwatch" — Doomfist. With the latest update, it will make her enticing to play again.

For her Fusion Driver, the projectile speed will now be increased by 20 percent. Her Protective Barrier will also get an increase of size, which is 20 percent.

The shape of the barrier will be changed so that it can have more coverage from enemies that are below it.

Roadhog can now take a breather while moving

Roadhog will not have his damage back before he was nerfed, but he will get some changes. His Take a Breather move can now be used while he is moving around. When he is using this skill, the damage that he gets while healing will be reduced by 50 percent.

Widowmaker's ability now faster

Players using Widowmaker will be happy to know that she will also get some changes after the tests are done.

Her Grappling Hook ability’s cooldown will now be reduced from 12 seconds to 8. The Venom Mine ability will now allow her to see the affected targets through walls.

Free loot boxes through Twitch

In other related news, players who are registered to Twitch Prime will be able to get five free loot boxes. If they are Amazon Prime members, they only need to connect their accounts with a Twitch Prime account. They are warned that these boxes will not have the seasonal event items.

Previously, the online shopping company offered "Overwatch" fans a Gold Loot Box that has a guaranteed legendary item. They will also be offering more loot boxes to other games like "Lawbreakers," "For Honor," and more.

Check out the latest "Overwatch" Developer Update video here: