far cry 5 is the first game to feature a companionable and interactive canine in a first-person shooter title. The dog in the game will assist players in doing vicious exploits. Interestingly, this canine appears to be indestructible and is very useful.


In Ubisoft’s fifth game installment, a trusty and companionable dog is introduced and christened as Boomer. While there have been animals in the previous game installments, the new canine in “Far Cry 5” can be depended upon when the player needs to take down enemies. In the recent game demo conducted by PC Gamer, the gaming site was able to try and discover more details about Boomer in the game.

The trusty canine was first tested with a fire; the player set the dog on fire and it appears that the dog does not mind it at all. There was also one instance when Boomer was swamped in flames while taking on numerous opponents. Despite the explosions and other dangers, it seems the canine is unfazed. The dog can still walk through the flames while its fur aflame and would still help the main character in any possible way that it can. While the dog can withstand fire, it was also discovered that he could also set enemies on fire.


Another interesting discovery about the new canine in the game is its various ways of interacting. It was found out that the way it interacts with the enemies depends on the kind of enemy the main character points him to.

When the player instructs Boomer to fight an animal, it becomes a barking fight. However, when it is instructed to take on human enemies, Boomer assaults the human enemy by giving it a head-on attack.


Aside from the recently discovered details about the canine, a trailer in June also gave out interesting information about the advantages of having Boomer.

Aside from being able to heed on the player's instructions, the trusty canine appears to be fearless. The player can command orders to the dog by marking which enemies it is to take down first.

Release date

Ubisoft fifth first-person shooter installment is now available for pre-order for $59.99. “Far Cry 5” is slated to be officially released on February 27, 2018.

It will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game is set in Hope County Montana. The player will fight against the cult leader, Joseph Seed and his underlings to start a resistance in the hope of liberating the community. Meanwhile, you can check out Boomer Gameplay below.