A list of Heroes balance changes is happening soon in the game. The Public Test Realm of “Overwatch” is now up with a plethora of hero balance changes for Roadhog, Junkrat, Orisa, and Widowmaker. Also, there are a couple of game modes and a new map.

Heroes balance changes

Overwatch” players are vocal and direct. Most of the time, they would raise their sentiments on the game’s official forum. It is also through this that the game developer gets to know their feedback about the game and everything about it including its heroes. Among the recently complained heroes in the game that the fans would like to see changes are Orisa, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Widowmaker.

Fortunately, with a developer like Blizzard who patiently learns things from the community, fixes and changes are arriving soon for these heroes.

Lead Engineer Bill Warnecke has discussed that changes with Roadhog and Junkrat are arriving in the game’s PTR in the early part of August. Even Game Director Jeff Kaplan talked about the buff that Orisa would soon have. Interestingly, all these changes are included in the Public Test Realm patch of the game that recently went live. Moreover, changes for Widowmaker are included in the upcoming update.


The Australian hero will be buffed with increased versatility and flexibility. Junkrat’s Concussion Mines can now be utilized for mobility. He will also get an additional Concussion Mine.

Aside from this, hid RIP-Tire has been tweaked with its movement speed increased by 30 percent. Furthermore, the time-limit for his wall climbing has been scrapped. As explained in the patch notes, increasing the movement speed of its RIP-Tire will enable players to detonate effectively the tire more frequent. This will also decrease the time that the Australian hero becomes defenseless while controlling it.


Meanwhile, the much-needed buff for Roadhog is also included in the upcoming update. His Take a Breather can now be used while the hero is moving. Moreover, it now enables the hero to get 50 percent less damage while it is used, thus increasing Roadhog’s survivability. According to the patch notes, these changes will help the hero be more aggressive when blocking for his team or when searching for hook targets.

Furthermore, the changes will increase the hero’s survivability and sustainability.


Another hero getting a buff is the French Sniper, Widowmaker. While a powerful hero in the hands of a skilled player, most often her abilities are deemed weak. With the recent changes, Widowmaker’s Grappling Hook cooldown is now reduced from 12 seconds to only eight. Aside from that, targets affected by her Venom Mine are now visible through walls. However, only Widowmaker can see them.


Blizzard is hoping to transform Efi Oladele’s creation into a more viable tank. The speed of her Projectiles shot coming from Fusion Driver are increased by 20 percent. Also, the size of her Protective Barrier has been increased by 20 percent.

With the recent change, Orisa has more coverage for enemies shooting from below as her Protective Barrier’s shape has also been changed.

Release date

As of press time, Blizzard has not yet provided the release date of the patch that is currently live on “Overwatch” public test realm. There is a big chance that it will be on the game’s live server when the Summer Games 2017 ends.