'Overwatch' is a hit game, since its debut back in May of last year. The shooter features a bunch of different characters that each have their own set of abilities. It is both fun and addictive, and it has been very successful. There is equally a lot of great games coming out next year.

However, the studio has been updating characters in the meantime and adding brand new content. The game never had a Team Deathmatch mode or free-for-all mode, and both are now arriving on the popular game. Here are the full details.

The news

Blizzard announced today that it is bringing a team Deathmatch mode to the game, along with a new map for it.

The map will suit the game mode, and it will be called 'Chateau Guillard.' Along with this, the team has to create variants to existing maps to support team Deathmatch.

The rules will be traditional. For this mode, whichever side gets 30 kills wins the match. 'Overwatch' is very much a game that requires teamwork, and this mode will call on each member to work together as a cohesive unit or team.

When will it arrive?

The content will be arriving fairly soon to all members or gamers. It is rolling out now on the Public Test Realm for PC. People can try it on testing stages so far. Blizzard has not given a specific date for when both game modes will be available to all gamers, but it is in the testing stage.

It is bound to arrive in due time.

However, traditionally new features for the game arrive to gamers a few weeks after being stated. Players can still have fun with the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event in the meantime. The event will be adding a lot of new skins and bringing back others from last year.

Free for all mode

In addition to a team Deathmatch mode, there will also be a free-for-all mode arriving.

Players will try to kill as many enemies as possible to gain points. This mode is a different story as each member will be on their own. Players will not have to work as a team to win as it will be 'survival of the fittest.' Each kill will count as one point, the first player to get 20 kills or points wins the match.

Welcome Additions

Both of the new game modes will be very successful on the hit game. The game has already been expanding with only a couple of game modes, and now two are being added into the equation. It will be fun to play as a team on team Deathmatch or fly solo on free-for-all.

'Overwatch' has just been expanding and gaining more ground since its debut. The addictive multiplayer is the sole reason because the game does not feature a campaign. It greatly deserved to get game of the year, and now the game is just going to get better with two new game modes.