The launch of the Summer Games 2017 event in “Overwatch” was successful along with the event-exclusive brawl Lucioball. A few minutes after the event was launched in the game, several players have experienced long queue time. While this has been already resolved, a new bug was discovered that is deterring the players’ enjoyment of the event-exclusive brawl. Fortunately, hotfixes are on the way.

Lucioball bug

With the long queue already resolved, another bug was found by players in Lucioball. It is worth noting that in this year’s event, Blizzard introduced the Copa Lucioball, which combines the Competitive system of the game with the Brawl's fast-paced approach.

After completing ten placement matches, the player is automatically placed at a level ranging from Bronze to Grandmaster. Each win in this level rewards competitive points that can be used to purchase weapons. While this system reflects the main competitive mode, it functions independently from the game’s ranked play with its own separate leaderboard in each respective region.

There are times when the player leaves a Copa Lucioball match and starts another one. During this period, some players noticed an error message that says that the player cannot start a match when in competitive play. Moreover, the game will not look for a match although the Play Bar in the Main Menu remains searching. This inhibits the player to queue for a game.

Another report claims that some players who want to play the Lucioball with friends are not able to if their regular rank does not reach the 1,000 SR limit. This is applicable only to the Copa Lucioball or the competitive mode. In the regular Lucioball mode, competitive rank does not matter since it has an entirely different skill set.

Blizzard’s response

Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently confirmed that the issue is a bug in the event-exclusive brawl. Fortunately, Blizzard is already working on the hotfix patch to address the issue. The update for all platforms will be released as soon as possible. For PC players, the patch will be released anytime on August 9.

While the patches for the consoles are just waiting for the certifications and will also be released as soon as possible. Kaplan also said that a different update for consoles will be released today. However, the game director noted that it should not be confused to the patch that will fix the SR difference issue.

The Summer Games 2017 along with Lucioball brawl is officially launched on August 8 in “Overwatch.” The game’s summer event will run until August 28.