By definition, armor is a protective covering used to prevent damage. Armor is supposed to cover the vital parts of the wearer to protect him or her from potential damage, however, video game logic dictates otherwise. In most cases, the effectiveness of armor is inversely proportional to the amount of skin it covers. Here's a look at the most outrageous armor in gaming.

Daedric Armor

Daedric Armor is a set of heavy armor available in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." The design for Daedric Armor seems to have drawn inspiration from gothic and mythological elements.

A sensible choice, Daedric Armor is sturdy and protects a player's vital areas -- fitting armor to take into battle. Players gain a sense of protection under the mantle of this legendary armor.

Hammer Suit

Mario and Luigi have arguably the most interesting choice of armor (as seen in "Super Mario Bros. 3"). An in-game item, the Hammer Suit transforms the player into Hammer Mario or Hammer Luigi and gives them the ability to throw hammers at enemies. Hammers defeat almost everything, including Bowser, but like all the suits, one hit from an enemy causes Mario to lose the ability. The Hammer Suit consists of a matching black helmet and shell.

Power Suit

Short for Powered Armorsuit, the iconic "Metroid" armor protects protagonist Samus Aran from the hazards of surviving in space as she fights a multitude of complex organisms known to feed on the life and energy of their victims.

The Power Suit employs a wide array of equipment to aid Samus in her adventures as an intergalactic bounty hunter. It can also be equipped with a wide array of hardware, including beams, missiles, morph balls, grapples, bombs, and visors.

Revealing armor

Women in video games have a strong history of having inappropriate clothing.

Whether it's for circumstantial fanservice or for character profiling, their armor to skin ratio has astounded many fans and players alike. A perfect example is Shahdee from "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within." She wears revealing armor that divides down her chest and torso, revealing her stomach. Her back is also revealed and she wears a black bikini with straps around her buttocks.

Lastly, she wears knee-high boots with black gloves, and her eye is also painted with dark ink. The metal covering her vital areas gives her added mobility during fights. Shahdee is an accomplished swordsman, versed in a style similar to Kaileena's.