Summer Games event has long been rumored to arrive in “Overwatch.” Data miners were able to acquire proof of it via a line of code in the past. In fact, it was first believed to arrive alongside the newest hero Doomfist.

But finally, as reported by PVP Live, the highly anticipated event is here in “Overwatch.” Yes, that is right – the event that players have been waiting for has officially arrived. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Summer Games 2017 explained

Last year, Blizzard brought an interesting event that gave players a whole new reason to play the game.

It even boosted Lucio’s popularity thanks to the Arcade mode called Lucioball. Now, the studio is ready to give the community its request: Summer Games 2017. Interestingly, the event is much different from last year. It has tons of changes, all designed to give a brand new gameplay experience.

The video game company introduced the new “Overwatch” event via a Developer’s Update video (embedded below). First and foremost, all of the skins from last year’s Summer Games will be made available for purchase. The only catch, however, is that their respective prices are greatly reduced. As for the new skins, they have varied prices. For instance, the Legendary will be around 3,000 credits. The Epic and Rare Skins will cost 750 and 225 credits, respectively.

Lastly, the Common tier can be bought at 75 credits only.

The Lucioball update

As expected, the new event in “Overwatch” arrives with a newly designed Lucioball update. It will introduce a new map environment based on Sydney’s geographical state. The matches, in particular, will rotate between the said location and the Rio Stadiums.

Moreover, there will be several changes to Lucio’s abilities. First, his boop ability will no longer be available. For his ultimate Sound Barrier, it will not be able to pull the ball towards the players. Instead, it will increase both of his speed and the boop’s speed.

The Summer Games event this year will introduce a second competitive mode for Lucioball in “Overwatch.” This will allow players to either rank or place match.

Data miners, on the other hand, were able to confirm around 40 new cosmetic items. These will mostly be sprays and player icons, though Blizzard has yet to confirm them. The Lucioball update is expected to hit next week, starting August 8 to August 29. This is definitely an exciting thing to look forward to as everything looks new and interesting.