While there's no dearth of wacky yet awe-inspiring mods for "Grand Theft Auto V," a majority of them are limited to San Andreas.

New mod trailer released

"GTA V" hit the store shelves back in September 2013, and four years after its original debut, a few modders have teamed up in the bid to give the timeworn city a much-needed facelift. Taking that into account, they developed a mod that takes Rockstar Games' hit action-adventure video game to the final frontier.

Bearing the Grand Theft Space moniker, this ambitious mod allows you to delve into space while taking on aliens.

The group of modders is currently hard at works on the mod described above; however, "GTA" fans were able to catch a brief glimpse of the upcoming content in the form of a new trailer. You can check it out below.

What to expect?

You can head into space in a shuttle as can be seen in the recently rolled out mod trailer. Aside from that, you can check out the solar system, move swiftly in your buggy while exploring the moon, and even get to know new NPCs. 5Mods.com recently released a comprehensive list of features that the modders are currently working on.

While shedding light on the Grand Theft Space mod, one of the creators known as Sollaholla said the new "GTA 5" mod centers on an intelligent life in another galaxy that has been peering at us with suspicion for 1000s of years.

Much to our chagrin, this hostile life turned out to be nothing like we expected, Sollaholla added. The NASA research team ferreted out the residue of alien spaceship parts dispersed all over the state of San Andreas.

Contrary to our expectations, these brainy life-forms managed to reach our coveted planet. As if that weren't enough, they aren't even on our side.

Now, it is up to the "GTA V" realm to ensure these despicable aliens do not descend upon our earth by taking them out even before they come to the fore, Sollaholla continues.

There's no official release date associated with Grand Theft Space. The team working on the mod said they will release it as soon as they think it is ready, according to Sollaholla.

There has been a myriad of exclusively created mods for "Grand Theft Auto" franchise. The fan-favorite series is no stranger to space ship-themed automobiles, map-editor satellites and lots more. Taking inspiration from the fact that none of its content took "GTA" fans to space, the group of modders decided to create a space-themed mod for "Grand Theft Auto 5."

The mod will comprise four missions when it releases. It will revolve around a player’s foray into never-before-seen planets that exist in abundance outside the solar system. Details about the mod are quite scarce at the moment, but more shreds of information are likely to surface online sooner rather than later.