"Overwatch" continues to update. The Blizzard game that arrived last May has become a phenomenon. The game that has almost monopolized the genre of hero shooters continues to grow, and after presenting the Verwano Games of "Overwatch" that arrived a few days ago, it is time to speak of a new Game Mode that will be arriving in the Coming Days. It seems that, finally, that the Deathmatch mode will come to “Overwatch,” as confirmed Jeff Kaplan, director of the game. Kaplan himself explains in the development video that the Deathwatch mode of Overwatch" is something that was asked about during the BlizzCon last year.

The answer at that time was that they were not thinking about that mod of the game and, furthermore, they thought it was not suitable for "Overwatch."

Next, we will share with you, all new details revealed about the new changes and features coming to the game.

Why wasn't Deathmatch included in 'Overwatch' before?

The main reason for not including Deathmatch in "Overwatch" was that the team would focus on improving the experience in ways in which two teams compete for different goals, and not for their benefit such as killing more than another team member. Some time ago they included the Arcade modes, where players can play modes that are not suitable for the competition or the "Quick Game."

When will Deathmatch finally arrive at 'Overwatch?'

Kaplan has confirmed that the Deathmatch mode of "Overwatch" will soon come in Arena mode.

The aim of the new game mode is to achieve deaths, the more of them, the better. Therefore, the study has created a unique marker that will adapt to this new feature. Speaking of "Overwatch's" death battle, there will be two ways. One will face seven other players on the map (one against all classic). We can choose any hero without worrying about the team.

In this mode, we will have to reach 20 deaths. There will also be a Team Deathmatch mode in "Overwatch" in which we will have to get 30 kills.

Additional information

“Overwatch” maps were created for control or escort game modes, so some have had to redesign to accommodate the new Deathmatch mode. Of course, there will be a new map specifically created for "Overwatch Deathmatch" mode with areas designed so that different heroes can use them.

The map, within the lore of "Overwatch," will be set in the home of Widowmaker in France.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.