Lucioball was the first ever seasonal event exclusive arcade brawl that introduced the concept of soccer in “Overwatch.” With the Summer Games 2017 in full swing, fans get to play it yet again with a certain twist. If you feel like the standard game mode lacks enough challenge, Blizzard has implemented a new competitive mode to the game so you can play seriously. Granted, it’s given that those who attempt to finish their placement matches already know the basic rules and mechanics of the arcade mode. This time, let’s tackle a few advanced tips that’ll help you win hardcore Lucioball matches.

Goalies should save their ultimate ability

Lucioball added a few changes to the controls along with the DJ’s ultimate ability. Unlike last year’s mode, the skill no longer attracts the ball like a magnet which makes it impossible to camp in the enemy’s goal. Instead, it grants you a major speed and jump buff to move around the field better. In line with this, goalies should save their ultimate ability as the ball is really unpredictable. There are times when it will speed up and fly overhead which makes it hard to block. If you’re playing goalie, it’s best to use your ultimate for clutch saves instead of activating it to join your other two teammates.

Use the jump pads

There is a total of six jump pads in the field which can prop Lucio in the air.

Two are located on each opposite end of the field near the goal while the other two are on the left and right side of the stage. Players don’t really make the most out of these jump pads which may put them at a disadvantage as they’re great for blocking aerial shots or bouncing the ball at your opponent’s goal. You can use them as an aerial shot spike which should rapidly fling the ball, making it hard to counter.

You can also use them as a transportation method and fling yourself to a teammate who needs help.

Wall ride with style

Last year, the wall ride ability was hardly used since it was quite limited and didn’t provide Lucio with a speed boost. Following the recent changes, wall riding around the field is a great way to position yourself at any end of the field.

If your ally is on one end, you can use the wall ride to quickly travel to the enemy goal and wait for them to pass the ball. Alternatively, you could also use this passive ability to chase after the ball and help out your goalie. This is especially useful if you don’t have your ultimate ability and you need a clutch save.