Back by popular demand, we compiled a list of Questions that only the most knowledgeable "Overwatch" players will be able to answer. Do you think you have what it takes?

Ready to go? Here are the questions

  • Without counting barriers (Reinhardt, Orisa, Symmetra and Winston’s) and invincibility skills (Zenyatta’s Transcendence, Mei’s Cryo-freeze and Mercy’s resurrection), which hero can soak up the MOST damage?
  • Who has the highest healing skill in "Overwatch"?
  • Who has the most “silent” non-melee (sorry Reinhardt) primary weapon?
  • As of the last "Overwatch" event, which hero has the most legendary skins?
  • Who created Orisa and what was she named after?
  • Which private security firm’s maximum security prison did Doomfist break out of? And which hero is a lieutenant for that firm?

Are you ready for the answers?

Which hero can soak up the most damage you wonder?

Is it Roadhog with 600 health points? Could it be Reinhardt with his German precision engineering? The correct answer would be Winston, more specifically during his Primal Rage form which boosts him to a whopping 1000hp! Tricked you didn’t we? We promise this is the only trick questions :)

Who has the highest healing skill in "Overwatch"? If you thought it was Ana’s biotic grenade, you are wrong. How about Mercy’s Caduceus staff at 60hp per second? Not that either! If you guessed Zenyatta, you would be right. Zenyatta’s Transcendence heals for an insane amount. 300 hp per second to be exact. As a matter of fact, heroes under Transcendence are literally unkillable. Bonus question: Which are the skills that can kill heroes through Transcendence?

We’ll leave that one out for next time.

Who has the most silent primary weapon you ask? As you may know, some weapons in the game are loud, such as McCree’s peacekeeper, or Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss. Let’s not mention all the heroes with those automatic weapons. Now on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have one really deadly weapon that can be barely heard.

The fact that you barely hear it is extremely dangerous because this hero can be standing next to you, miss a few shots and you wouldn’t even realize that he’s there! Who could this hero be? If you thought it was Hanzo, you are right! Hanzo’s storm bow is extremely quiet, even when you get hit, many times you don’t even know how it got you!

Let’s see, which hero constantly got new skins every event? She even got TWO legendary skins in one single event! Is it Mei, for getting two Chinese New Year legendary skins? Although Mei did get two legendary skins for that event, we aren’t talking about her as she only has 8 legendary skin. The one in question has 2 more than Mei for a total of 10 legendary skins! We’re talking indeed of "Overwatch’s" cover girl: Tracer! Fun fact: Did you know she has more legendary skins than non-legendary ones?

Who created Orisa and what was she named after? If you’ve been following anything about Orisa’s reveal, you’ll know that she’s been created by child prodigy Efi Oladele. She created Orisa as a guardian robot to defend Numbani against attacks, notably from Doomfist.

How did Orisa’s name come about? First of all, she was built from decommissioned parts of OR15 defense bots, do you see something familiar? Take OR15 and add A at the end: OR15A, it spells out ORISA.

Which private firm’s prison failed to keep Doomfist under arrest? If you saw Doomfist’s origin trailer, would be an easy one. The firm in question is Helix Security. It is a global security force funded by the United Nations. A team of Helix Security operatives was famously known for taking down the “God Program” Anubis in Egypt also known as the Temple of Anubis incident. A really well known hero was part of that team as she took charge and dismantled Anubis with her tearm. It’s none other than "Overwatch’s" rocket queen: Pharah!

So there you have it! How well did you do? Did you get all of them right? Unless you are a hardcore "Overwatch" fan, we didn’t expect you to know the answers to all the questions. Now, send this to your friends and compare on how well they do!