August is here and this means, the time has come for the fans to find out whether the space indie title, No Man’s Sky,” will indeed receive the hotly speculated Update 1.3 in the next few weeks. Many believe that it could arrive as a surprise anniversary gift from Hello Games as the game turns one year this month.

Amid the growing anticipation within the gaming community, the controversial indie game developer dropped some more cryptic and mysterious messages yet again about the ongoing ARG.

Waking Titan live stream

The Waking Titan commenced last June, and a lot of fans are hoping that it could be somewhat connected with an impending update coming to “No Man’s Sky” soon.

The teasing goes on, however, with a live stream on Twitch, which can still be viewed until now.

The live stream that has appeared since yesterday showed a monitor on top of a desk with something that looks like a small habitat with a hamster below. It further teased a memo from mysterious character Major Sophia Dubois, indicating that the hamster known as subject M-N00-dl35 won’t be harmed and is well taken care of by the loyal staff.

The monitor also brought a number of riddles on the computer screen that gamers in the community tried to solve, only to find themselves with more memos from characters in the ARG.

So far, Hello Games has not announced anything official yet about the rumored Update 1.25 or Update 1.3 aside from a top secret document that was leaked earlier suggesting that it does exist and even signed with initials S.M. for Sean Murray.

The leak also pointed out that the release will happen this August.

Fan theories

The thread on NEOGAF compiled a summary of the clues surrounding the Waking Titan ARG. These speculations and fan theories present several possibilities that could play out in the next big update for NMS.

Perhaps, the most prominent one is the addition of working portals discovered in the first phase of the ARG. Another possible feature is the Galaxy refresh and procedural generation improvements that were tackled by Murray himself and Innes McKindrick at GDC in March.

It also mentioned about an old build test suggesting an original cut content might be added to the PC version. Other interesting arguments include fourth race, a lore hinted in the Waking Titan and also assets in Path Finder update.

A fleshed out villain like a malevolent force is mentioned as well, and there are also suggestions of the rogue planets – the far flung worlds mentioned at the back of the poster.

Lastly, a heavy chatter about a story DLC is also hinted in the ARG where the events happening before the game’s current setting could lead to the creation of the Atlas. And perhaps, a multiplayer suggested by the 10,000 Atlas pass 1v1 4.

However, it is best that all these speculations should be taken with a pinch of salt pending any official announcement from "No Man's Sky" developer.

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