As the Boss Key original first person shooter game is nearing its official release date, gamers are getting curious about what the upcoming title has to offer them. Here are the things that gamers should be excited about “Lawbreakers.”


In the gaming world, there are very few who possess an impressive resume. Among them is Cliff Bleszinski who has made a name for most popular titles namely “Jazz Jackrabbit,” “Unreal Tournament,” “Gears of War,” and “Infinity Blade” among others. Bleszinski spent two decades at Epic Games and later left the company.

The veteran game maker decided in 2014 to build Boss Key and announced that the team will soon release a game previously titled, “BlueStreak.” The game, after three years, is finally releasing and is going to showcase the product of the studio’s hard work. Numerous critics have given the game positive feedback after being able to play its alpha and beta.

Original gravity mechanics

Among the interesting features that impressed them the most are the gravity mechanics. While most first-person shooter games are banking on other things as a selling point of their title, “LawBreakers” is marketing the player’s maneuverability. While the regular games are enabling players to move around, this one from Boss Key is taking them to different heights.

Type of combat

The upcoming game of Boss Key has a five-on-five multiplayer mode. With this type of combat, it provides an ideal balance between having a significant number of players in action, but not big enough to pull the players to work as a team. Even though the game is introduced as a fast-paced action that tends to accommodate the concept that bigger is better, the developer has found a way to feature smaller battles that can be as satisfying as the main game.

Level and pace of action

Titles like “Unreal Tournament” and “Quake” are just some of the examples of the latest games that pale in comparison in terms of pace. Interestingly, Boss Key’s upcoming FPS title is a frenetic and fast-paced action game. For a game releasing on a console, this feat is a rare find, however, Bleszinski and his team have proven that it can be done.

Overall experience

Most games offer a death match and aim to give each player a task of completing a role or objective. On the other hand, this gravity-defying action game is doing away of the usual. It is offering a different type of gaming experience that is more centered on collective efforts from the entire team.

Most of all, “LawBreakers” costs only $29.99. While other games are costing players a substantial amount, Boss Key is giving them a very attractive offer that is hard to turn down. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC.