A Top Secret document that has been hotly leaked online suggests that fans of the indie space title, “No Man’s Sky,” will receive Update 1.3 this coming August. Rumors of the Waking Titan ARG started back in June things are beginning to unfold as to what it might be.

This fresh and exciting news came out from the most recent file that has been posted online via PC Invasion. The said document contains some information that talked about the completion of Project Waking Titan in August, which is pointing toward the impending release of Update1.3 to “No Man’s Sky.”

Update 1.3 underway

The ARG document further revealed that the Mercury Subroutine will make way for some new experiences in Update 1.3.

The publication noted that while it does not absolutely confirm the alleged update coming this August, it does seem to be heading in this direction.

The rumors of “No Man’s Sky” ARG first came out on the first day of June when Hello Games sent all moderators of different NMS subreddits a package that contained merchandise items, a poster, and that mysterious cassette tape. Upon analyzing what’s on the tape, the spectrogram indicated the string 706s7274616p that is translated to “portal.”

Mysterious portals

Players very well know that the portal is a mysterious element in NMS but its purpose is teleporting to another world. But reports have it that no one has activated these portals yet in the game.

Many believe that the cassette tape could likely contain the instructions on how to access it and possibly unlock a mystery planet in a new galaxy or it could be something else entirely. Also, the quote on the poster reads as "the giant gateway calls out on me, filling my mind with whispered secrets of a far-flung world."

An anniversary treat

if this leak is indeed legit, it appears that Hello Games has been brewing the next big update for the game as an anniversary gift to its loyal fan base.

It can be recalled that the game was launched exclusively on PS4 and Windows PC platforms back in August last year.

However, the game was heavily criticized both by critics and fans when it first arrived that put a dent in its sales. However, things took an interesting turn when the game developer released more patches to the game, including the Foundation update.

The last time Sean Murray and his team rolled out an update for "No Man's Sky" was in late March, with the Update 1.24. Called the Pathfinder, the update added some planetary vehicles, base sharing, ship and weapon specialization, permadeath mode, and more including the PS4 Pro support.