As promised, Hello Games has some surprise for the avid No Man’s Sky this week in the form of the Waking Titan site and brings the Alternative Reality Game (ARG) to phase 2.

The new mysterious website teases the players some more that might ultimately lead them to the impending release of the all new Update 1.3. It is claimed to be coming in few more weeks, just in time for the game’s first birthday in August.

ARG phase 2

It turns out that the something big happening this week is the unveiling of the new Waking Titan site that has gone live since July 21, Friday.

Game pundits say that it marks the beginning of another interesting phase for the fans ahead of the hotly anticipated Update 1.3 that is set to arrive sometime next month.

Apparently, this ARG website allows hardcore players to use various commands that offer a peek at the game’s lore. The gamers will be welcomed with a command line as they visit the Waking Titan site. Then, from this point, they can start exploring several commands to find out what these relate to.

For example, when players type in “What is Atlas,” a short poem pops up and says something about the secret Atlas organization. When trying out “ship,” gamers will be looking a spacecraft painting that was also seen somewhere in “No Man’s Sky” ARG.

But it surely becomes more interesting when they type in “List Commands,” which reveals a few choices of commands and existing files, the latest reports noted. If “Start Atlas.init” and “Start CSd.init” are selected, the website starts queuing for some kind of input like "Citizen Science protocols loaded ready for live test input seed to continue" before moving along.

Interestingly, if the players type in self-referential command like “Hello Games,” they get “Process Hibernating” as a cryptic response. Check out some more of the details on the ARG and the community’s attempt to solve it at the game’s subreddit thread.

No word yet on Update 1.3

Unfortunately, Hello Games has not released any official information yet about the upcoming Update 1.3 and still kept things under wraps.

But if the leaked top secret document is anything to go by, this next update is underway and supposed to bring a plethora of exciting new features in the space indie game.

The Update 1.3 for “No Man’s Sky” will notably be the third major patch following the first Foundation update that introduced base-building and frigates in November last year. The Pathfinder update arrived next and added land vehicles in March this year.