With the event-packed July, “Pokemon Go” players are now wondering what Niantic Labs has in store for them in the month of August. After the eventful Chicago Fest and Anniversary events, most likely, the game developer will still release activities to keep players engaged in the game.

What’s there in August?

August is always perceived as a slow month, most students are not thrilled with the idea that the short break would soon end, and they will be back to school again. However, it is also one of the best times to introduce minor activities or events.

Most likely, the game developer could introduce a Back-to-School event to the fans of the augmented reality game. Smaller rewards like Stardust, buddy system bonus or double XP could be given away during this event.

Pikachu Outbreak Festival

In Japan, fans have been anticipating for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. In this event, a plethora of Pikachu will arrive in the country. Most probably, fans could see parades, dances, and events related to the iconic yellow superstar of the game. It is expected to commence on August 9 until 15. Aside from this, on August 14, “Pokemon Go” will transform the Yokohama Stadium into the augmented reality game’s stadium. More activities and challenges are anticipated to roll out in the said event.

Some fans are speculating that the Yokohama event will be the same as the Chicago Festival where players across the globe can still participate and benefit from the event. Also, some reports are claiming that the Legendary monster Ho-Oh will be released during the said event, which will add the creature to the list of the Legendaries already launched in the game.

Other potential events

Aside from the Pikachu Outbreak and the potential Back-to-School events, fans are also looking forward to the International Youth Day event. There are some of the events launched in the augmented reality game that is related to the current celebrations in the real world. Basing on this assumption, some fans are anticipating that most likely the IYD event on August 12 will also have a corresponding event in the game.

The International Youth Day celebrates the youth of the world. There are speculations that a possible younger set of pocket monsters will be released.

Meanwhile, the Safari Zone events are still happening in several regions that were previously scheduled. On the other hand, region-exclusives pocket monsters like Unown and Kangaskhan have been spotted across Europe recently. It appears that Niantic Labs has a lot of things planned for the expansive and active fan base of the most popular mobile game, “Pokemon Go.”